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Digital antennas:

We use quality Australian made antennas as we know they will outlast and out perform all Chinese made brands by far.   We do offer the cheaper Chinese made antennas to people when low price is all that matters!   The type of antenna we recommend for your home will be based on the digital TV reception in your area and on your roof.

Security Cameras:

We use HIKvision, Truvision and HiWatch cameras, which are all professional qualities including 3 years manufacturers warranty.  Available in various lens sizes, both fixed and motorised.


Network Video Recorders.  Hard drive size and the number of cameras required will determine the size of the recorder.  All NVRs come with a 3 year manufacturers warranty.


Signal Boosters:

Signal boosters are used to improve the signal strength in areas where signal strength is a problem.   We normally use Australian made boosters as they are very reliable and can be used in a wide variety of situations. There may be occasions where an alternative type of booster is more appropriate.



We only use the industry recommended cable (RG6 Quadshield) specifically designed for carrying a digital TV signal with very little loss.  Once again, the older types of cables loose a great deal of the signal strength and will in many cases cause impedance problems resulting in loss or interference of certain TV channels.  Some people are still using this kind of cable as they are cheaper and easier to work with.  Most houses older than 10 years have these older kinds of cables which in many cases are not suited to digital TV and have a much greater signal loss.  The cable we use has a very low signal loss and is well shielded for exterior interference.



Connectors are used to join cables to all components in an antenna system.

We use compression connectors in all joints.   They are the superior alternative to avoid any problems which cause pixilation on the TV screen.   Many TV antenna businesses use a cheaper and less reliable connector than the compression connector. In many cases this cheaper connector can be pulled off without using much force at all which leads to complete loss of your TV signal. The compression connector is attached in such a way that it can carry a person’s weight without coming off the cable!



We use only F-type splitters as they are recommended for digital TV reception to minimise impedance problems. 


Roof mounts & Extension rods:

All mounts and mast extensions are made of galvanised steel for good weather protection.

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